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®Tetratex Release

Tetratex® Release is a high value surface filtration ePTFE membrane, laminated onto a variety of substrates for pulse jet baghouse applications. It acts as a primary dustcake requiring no pre-coat before or during operation. Delivering added value performance and excellent dust cake release compared to coated filter media.

A PTFE Membrane with Unrivalled dust cake Release

Feature and Benefits:

  1. Tetratex Release is an alternative to conventional coated needlefelts.
  2. Superior collection efficiency compared to PTFE coated media.
  3. Tetratex Release results in near zero emissions for particles greater than 5 microns.
  4. Tetratex Release delivers added value performance and excellent dustcake release.
  5. Increased bag life and reduced operating costs can be achieved due to the extreme anti-adhesive properties of the PTFE membrane surface.
  6. Lower constant operating pressure drop, results in energy savings.
  7. Tetratex Release vastly improves the filtration performance of conventional filter media.

Typical Applications

Cement -Raw mill
Fine Chemicals – Detergents
Food and Confectionary – Raw Material Intake
Metallurgical – Foundry, Steel Furnace
Non Metallic – Sand Milling, Wood, Minerals
Pharmaceutical – Drug Production, Plastics

Available Substrates

Anti-Static polyester
Homopolymer Acrylic

Case References

Tetratex #5102 provides a Release from production bottleneck at Turkish Cement Plant
Donaldson Membranes #5102 fortifies the cement process at Turkish Plant Denizli
Oxy cutting-Steel Industry
CMC Carboxymethyl
Donaldson Membranes Launches New Needlefelt Filter Media For Adverse Chemical Conditions
Donaldson membranes launches new antistatic stainless steel polyester
The Fantastic Four!