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Self Cleaning Air Filters

Donaldson self-cleaning systems are designed to help turbines & generators operate everywhere – in dusty deserts, urban/factory areas, on the coast, in the frosty north. Because they are self-cleaning, they require little maintenance between filter change-outs.

XLR: Next Gen Air Filtration for Large Turbines

XLR: Next Gen Air Filtration for Large TurbinesDonaldson PowerCore media technology enables the XLR be 40% smaller than the GDX & GDS.
XLR System Description
XLR story in Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide magazine

GDX for Smaller Turbines

GDX for Smaller TurbinesSized for turbines requiring airflow less than 79,000 cfm/ 2237 m3/min, this GDX design has all the same convenience and high-performance characteristics of it’s larger brother, but fewer filter cartridges.

GDX for Large Turbines

GDX for Large TurbinesThe OEMs’ number one choice, the Donaldson GDX™ has become the industry standard for pulse-cleaned inlet air filtration systems over the last decade and a half. Its banks of filter cartridge pairs (mounted horizontally) are made with high-efficiency Spider-Web filter media technology. GDX provides convenience and high filtration efficiency for turbines with operating airflow of 80,000 to 1.2 million cfm / 2237 to 33557 cu.m/min. This Design supports many inlet enhancements such as moisture separators, acoustic hoods, evaporative cooler or chiller coils, and anti-icing systems.
GDX System Description
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Field Services

Field ServicesNow you can count on Donaldson for filter change-out, annual inspections, annual commissioning, and other field services involving Donaldson inlet filter houses
Field Services
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TTDThe Donaldson TTD™ system is the original pulse cleaning air filter system for gas turbine and generator ventilation applications. Filter cartridges are mounted vertically. Available with one level of filter elements for airflow up to 79,000 cfm/ 2237 m3/min, or with several filter levels to accommodate larger airflow.
TTD System for Large Turbines
TTD System for Smaller Turbines