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Selecting the Substrates

The process equipment and conditions will determine the selection of the most suitable substrate for the application of Tetratex Filter Media and the following points must be considered.

Temperature : Continuous service operating temperature and peak excursions must not exceed the advised maximums for the selected substrate.
Gas Chemistry : The substrate must have the ability to withstand excessive or undue degradation due to the presence of acids, alkalis and oxidizing
agents at the process operating temperature.
Hydrolysis : Some substrates will suffer degradation if high humidity is present at the process operating temperature.
Type of filter unit : Cleaning method and pressure, filter bag construction, cage configuration.

Experience of similar applications and, in the case of a retrofit, history of the existing installation should also be considered.

Membrane Needlefelts – Product Matrix

Anti Static Needlefelts:
Homopolymer Acrylic

Cartridge Style Dust Collectors Sales Sheet

Anti Static Filter Media Sales Sheet

All our anti static Filter Media is manufactured to conform to DIN 54345 test standard.

Woven Filter Media:
Woven Glass
Woven Glass Acid Resistant
Woven PTFE

Pleatable Media:

Case References

Donaldson Membranes Bags the Portuguese Cement Market with Tetratex #6255
Heidelberg Cement’s Lixhe plant in Belguim benefits from Donaldson Membranes #6255
Mixing and Handling of Toner Dust using #8024 Tetratex Ultra High Efficiency Woven Glass
Cement Kiln Dedusting using #6255 Tetratex Ultra High Efficiency Woven Glass
The Fantastic Four!
Heidelberg Cement Plant in Belgium
Cement 01
Cement 02
Cement 03
Cement 04
Cement 05
Cement 06
Cement 07
Cement 08
Cement 09
Cement 10
Clinical Waste
Glass Furnace 01
Glass Furnace 02
Glass Furnace 03
Glass Furnace 04
Lepol & Dopol Kiln
Secondary Aluminum
Minerals – Non Metallic
Waste Incinerator