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Pre – Cleaning Filters

Pre-filters — both wraps and panels — have the job of extending the life of the primary filter by capturing larger particulate, such as seeds, leaves, airborne fibers, etc. They are made of low-cost, relatively low efficiency materials, and are designed to be changed more often than primary filters — then thrown away.

Pre-Filter Wraps

Pre-Filter WrapsOur pre-filter wraps are “high loft” media, with generous air space between the fibers throughout the depth of the media mat. This enables good airflow through the wrap even after it has captured much particulate.
–Pre-Filter Wraps Description & Part Numbers
Installation Aid for Conical Wraps, GTS-406

Pre-Filter Panels

Pre-Filter PanelsOur G4-rated pre-filter panels are made of longer, rather coarse fibers, packed more densely than the wrap media. The higher packing density enables good pleating, good efficiency on larger particulate, and strength.

Pre-Filter Panels – Description & Part Numbers
P19-1249 (4” deep) Performance Data, GTS-401
P03-0228 (3.5” deep) Performance Data, GTS-408