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Oil / Water Separators

Compressor condensate typically contains as much as 5% oil, making it too harmful to the environment to be discharged without purification. Donaldson Ultrafilter oil/water separators process condensate to a residual oil content as low as 5 ppm, allowing the processed water to be discharged into most municipal waste water treatment systems.

DS Series Oil/Water Separators

DS Series Oil/Water SeparatorsDS Series oil/water separators effectively and efficiently separate oil from compressed air condensate. Seven models can be matched to compressor capacities from 70 to 4,500 scfm. Once processed by a DS unit, condensate can safely be released to most municipal waster water treatment systems.

Ultrasep™ UFS-SP N Oil/Water Separators

Ultrasep™ UFS-SP N Oil/Water SeparatorsThe Ultrasep™ Superplus N takes care of your oil/water separation and also fulfils the legal demands. A range of 7 sizes from 120 m³/h to 7.200 m³/h takes care of all your oil/water mixtures of air compressor condensate and fulfils your requirements for filtration solutions.
Ultrasep UFS-SP

®Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA Oil/Water Separators

®Ultraaqua Autoclean UFA Oil/Water SeparatorsUltraaqua Autoclean UFA is a ceramic membrane based oil/water separation system that yields a residual oil content of less than 5 ppm in compressor condensate. Ultraaqua systems are capable of separating oil that has become emulsified.