Donaldson develops nanofiber products and nanofiber filter media for applications where sub-micron fiber diameters, high filtration efficiency, high surface area and other unique material properties are useful. For many years, Donaldson has used its patented and patent-pending nanofiber filter media in Ultra-Web® filters for dust collection, Spider-Web® filters for gas turbine air filtration, and Donaldson EnduranceTM air filters for heavy-duty engines.

Now, our proprietary nanofiber technology is available for new applications so customers in other markets can also benefit from the technology.

Nanofiber Filter Media

Nanofiber Filter MediaDonaldson develops nanofiber filter media for new air and liquid filtration applications, the latest being industrial vacuum cleaners.
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Electrospun Nanofiber Technology

Electrospun Nanofiber TechnologyNanofibers are an exciting new class of material for applications such as cell & tissue culture, drug delivery, and specialty textiles. Donaldson has extensive nanofiber research, pilot and production electrospinning capabilities to support co-development projects for new applications.


Nanofibers in Non-Wovens and Fabrics

Nanofibers in Non-Wovens and FabricsDonaldson nanofiber webs are the lightest weight non-woven webs made. Imagine a web only 1 micron thick! We currently manufacture tens of thousands of square meters every day for air filtration applications.