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Medium Pressure Filters

Donaldson DURAMAX®, well-known as the highest rated spin-on style filters available, are most often used in return-line positions. As spin-ons, they are particularly well-suited for duplex circuits. Donaldson Synteq® and cellulose media available. DURAMAX working pressures range from 350 psi up to 1000 psi; static pressures from 800 psi up to 2000 psi.

HMK03 Duramax®

HMK03 Duramax®Working Pressure: 1000 psi / 6895 kPa / 69 bar
Static Pressure: 2000 psi / 13790 kPa / 138 bar
Flow Range: 0-25 gpm / 0-95 l/min
HMK03 offers TWICE the pressure capability of competitive filters, yet is physically smaller than traditional housing/cartridge filter assemblies.
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HMK05 (single head) & HMK25 (dual head) Duramax® — High Flow

HMK05 (single head) & HMK25 (dual head) Duramax® -- High FlowHMK05 (single head) & HMK25 (dual head) Duramax® -- High FlowStatic Pressure: 800 psi/5520 kPa/55.2 bar
Working Pressure: 350 psi/2413 kPa/24.1 bar
HMK05 Flow Range: 0-50 gpm / 0-189.3 l/min
HMK25 Flow Range: 0-100 gpm, 0-378.5 l/min
Full-range performance with Synteq® filter media for high-flow applications, with the ease and convenience of a spin-on! The double element head means double flow capability, with two filters to hold more contaminant!
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HMK04 (single head) & HMK24 (dual head) Duramax®

HMK04 (single head) & HMK24 (dual head) Duramax®HMK04 (single head) & HMK24 (dual head) Duramax®Working Pressure: 500 psi/3450 kPa/34.5 bar
Static Pressure: 1000 psi/6900 kPa/69 bar
HMK04 Flow Range: 0-35 gpm / 0-130 l/min
HMK24 Flow Range: 0-60 gpm / 0-230 l/min
HMK04/24 Duramax models offer high flow capacities, heavy-duty design, and a very wide choice of replacement filters.
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