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Compressed Air Dryers

Donaldson Ultrafilter manufacturers a complete line of refrigerated, desiccant and membrane compressed air dryers to meet your specific air quality requirements. Energy efficient operation, reliable performance and compact design are key features of our dryers.

Buran Compact Refrigerated Air Dryer (5-20 scfm)

Buran Compact Refrigerated Air Dryer (5-20 scfm)Buran Compact refrigerated compressed air dryers offer reliable performance and consistent dew point in a small package. Compact dryers include hardware for wall mounting, further reducing the need for limited floor space. All Buran dryers utilize environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. Buran Compact Brochure

Boreas Refrigerated Air Dryers (1,200-7,400 scfm)

Boreas Refrigerated Air Dryers (1,200-7,400 scfm)The proprietary design of Boreas heat exchangers incorporates large flow channels for low pressure drop, which translates into low operating costs. A built-in cyclone separator with our Ultramat zero-loss drain valve allows for the removal of condensed water without wasting any compressed air. The space-saving design brings cooling air in the front and out the top, allowing the unit to be placed next to a wall with other equipment on either side. All Boreas dryers utilize environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant and are available in either air-cooled or water-cooled configurations. Brochure

Bora HPD High Inlet Pressure Dryers (20-3,000 scfm @ 600 psig)

Bora HPD High Inlet Pressure Dryers (20-3,000 scfm @ 600 psig)Bora HPD dryers can accept compressed air at inlet pressures up to 650 psig in ambient temperatures up to 120º F. They utilize a two-stage stainless steel plate style heat exchanger for optimal heat transfer in the air-to-air and air-refrigerant circuits. Power consumption is reduced as less energy is required than conventional heat exchanger designs.
Bora™ HPD

Ultrapac® HED / ALD / MSD Heatless Adsorption Dryers

Ultrapac® HED / ALD / MSD Heatless Adsorption DryersUltrapac® Classic HED/ALD/MSD heatless desiccant compressed air dryers benefit from decades of design and fabrication experience by Donaldson. Our dryers are designed to consistently provide quality air with high energy efficiency in a flow range from 5 to 8750 m³/h at 7 bar g. Operation is fully automatic with a guaranteed outlet dew point at one of three pre-selected settings: HED, –20°C pdp; ALD, -40°C pdp; MSD, -70°C pdp. Each dryer in the 5-1000 m³/h flow range is enclosed in a protective cabinet with easy-to-remove panels. All Ultrapac® Classic dryers are supplied with preinstalled pre-filters and after-filters. The coalescing pre-filter is equipped with the Ultramat® zero-loss condensate drain. The compact design of Ultrapac® dryers takes up a minimum of floor space.
Ultrapac HED/ALD/MSD type 0005-1000
Ultrapac HED/ALD/MSD type 1350-8750

Ultrapure™ 2000 (mini & midi) & Ultrapure™ ALG Heatless Breathing-Air Dryers

Ultrapure™ 2000 (mini & midi) & Ultrapure™ ALG Heatless Breathing-Air DryersUltrapure™ breathing air systems are heatless desiccant dryers that provide purified air in excess of all relevant international standards and medical prescriptions. Purification is carried out over 7 stages of drying and filtration.
ALG2000 Mini
ALG2000 Midi
ALG type 35s-375s

Ultratrockner HRE & HRS-L Heated Blower Purge Air Dryer (600-5,000 scfm)

Ultratrockner HRE & HRS-L Heated Blower Purge Air Dryer (600-5,000 scfm)Ultratrockner HRE and patented HRS-L heated blower purge desiccant dryers consume less energy than heatless dryers by utilizing an external heater and ambient air for regeneration. The HRS-L zero purge air dryer saves additional energy by utilizing our patented process for vessel cooling in lieu of compressed air.

FRL Modular Membrane Air Dryer (1.5-85 scfm)

FRL Modular Membrane Air Dryer (1.5-85 scfm)FRL modular dryers utilize VarioDry membrane modules and include integrated prefiltration and pressure regulation. Where required, an integrated activated carbon filter can be added for hydrocarbon vaporremoval.

Membrane Compressed Air Dryers VarioDry™ / FRL

FMembrane Compressed Air Dryers VarioDry™ / FRLor maintenance units it also applies that the requirements for compressed air determine the components for the processing. As opposed to central processing where the compressed air is kept on the high quality level of the demanding area of application, the processing directly at the consumer only requires the components needed on site. Decentralised processing saves energy and costs especially when only a part of the generated compressed air needs to fulfil high requirements.
The compact FRL units can processes volume flows of 2 to 150 m³/h.
VarioDry / FRL

Ultrasorp™ AKC Activated Carbon Adsorption Dryers

Ultrasorp™ AKC Activated Carbon Adsorption DryersThe AKC is an activated carbon absorber for the removal of oil vapours and hydrocarbons. It has a residual oil indicator with an accuracy of smaller than 0.01 ppm. The AKC models cover volume flows of 5 to 8.750 m³/h and have been built and tested for temperatures up to 50°C. The installation of a sub-micro filter on the inlet side of the AKC prevents oil carry-over to the activated carbon.

Ultradryer™ HRC Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

Membrane Compressed Air Dryers VarioDry™ / FRLMembrane Compressed Air Dryers VarioDry™ / FRLThe HRC adsorption dryer range uses the absorbed moisture of heat caused by the compression process for desorption. The units therefore operate oil free, two-stage compressor without additional energy requirements. The total drying and regeneration cycle takes place under operating pressure. Heat exchange pressure of the desiccant and all other components therefore does not occur. This guarantees a long service life of components. Units with the sizes 600 to 60.000 m³/h have already been built.

Buran Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers with Ultrapulse Control (30-1,000 scfm)

Buran Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers with Ultrapulse Control (30-1,000 scfm)The unique mechanical design and control logic of Buran cycling refrigerated air dryers sets them apart from the competition in energy efficient operation. Even when operating at 100% capacity, Buran dryers with Ultrapulse technology consume less energy than traditional dryers utilizing hot gas bypass valves, and considerably less than thermal mass style cycling dryers. Power savings become even more apparent when operating at less than 100% capacity, as is often the case in real-world operation. All Buran cycling dryers are equipped with Ultramat zero-loss condensate drain valves.
Buran Ultrapulse Brochure

Corus HTD High Inlet Temperature Air Dryers (5-175 scfm)

CCorus HTD High Inlet Temperature Air Dryers (5-175 scfm)orus HTD high inlet temperature compressed air dryers have been designed specifically for use with smaller air compressors that typically do not incorporate an aftercooler. Corus HTD dryers can accept compressed air up to 250º F and provide clean dry air at the outlet.

Ultrapac 2000 Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer (3-60 scfm)

Ultrapac 2000 Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer (3-60 scfm)Ultrapac 2000 heatless desiccant dryers can provide clean, dry air at pressure dew points of -40º F and -100º F. Their turnkey modular design includes a preinstalled coalescing prefilter and particulate afterfilter. The desiccant is contained in easy-to-replace cartridges. The microprocessor controller alerts the operator of the optimal time to replace filter elements, keeping maintenance and operating costs at a minimum.
Ultrapac2000 Midi
Ultrapac2000 Mini

Oilfreepac 2000 (3-60 scfm) & Oilfreepac OFP (3-5,000 scfm) Heatless Air Dryers

Oilfreepac 2000 (3-60 scfm) & Oilfreepac OFP (3-5,000 scfm) Heatless Air DryersIn addition to having all of the attributes of our Ultrapac 2000 and Ultrapac ALD/MSD heatless dryers, Oilfreepac 2000 and Oilfreepac OFP dryers include integral activated carbon filters for removal of hydrocarbon and other vapors for critical applications that demand oil-free and odor-free air.
OFP2000 Mini
OFP2000 Midi
OFP classic type 0005-1000
OFP classic type 1350-8750

Ultradryer HLP High Inlet Pressure Air Dryers (9 scfm @ 400 psig to 1,140 scfm @ 6,000 psig)

Ultradryer HLP High Inlet Pressure Air Dryers (9 scfm @ 400 psig to 1,140 scfm @ 6,000 psig)For high pressure applications, Ultradryer HLP dryers can purify compressed air up to 6,000 psig. These turnkey systems include preinstalled prefilters and afterfilters for perfectly matched components and simply installation.
Ultradryer HLP365 psig
Ultradryer HLP600 psig
Ultradryer HLP1000 psig

VarioDry Membrane Air Dryer (3-19 scfm)

VVarioDry Membrane Air Dryer (3-19 scfm)arioDry membrane dryers are ideally suited for point-of-use applications that require compressed air at a higher purity level than that provided by the plant air system. When operating at full capacity, VarioDry membrane dryers reduce, or suppress, the dew point of inlet air by 36ºF. Dew point suppression will go up as flow is reduced. Our membrane dryers have no moving parts, do not require electrical power and are constructed with materials highly resistant to corrosion.

Brisa™ SE High Efficiency Dryers

Brisa™ SE High Efficiency DryersBrisa™ SE heat exchangers for compressed air have been optimised for extremely low pressure differentials. The Brisa™ SE dryers are suitable for volume flows of 10.500 to 50.000 m³/h. All Brisa™ SE dryers have up to a four-stage capacity control system for the refrigerant compressor and are serially equipped with a microprocessor controlled monitoring system. The overflow operation of the refrigerant vaporiser guarantees for a very good standard characteristic.
Brisa™ SE

Ultrapure™ ALG20 Breathing-Air Systems

Ultrapure™ ALG20 Breathing-Air SystemsThe portable ALG20 breathing air unit is used when the breathing air is contaminated by the working process e.g. during sandblasting. A two-phase respectively three-phase filter stage provides the purification solution. The unit includes a microprocessor-controlled differential gauge and Economizer for optimum filter exchange indication. The standard units include a sub-micro and activated carbon filter. With a flow rate of 60 m³/h, four persons can be provided with breathing air.

Ultradryer™ HRE, HRG and HRS Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

Ultrapure™ ALG20 Breathing-Air SystemsThe three heat regenerated adsorption dryer ranges provide for a multitude of individual customer solutions. Analogue measuring and control units provide maximum operational safety at optimal energy consumption. A wide variety of standard options for e.g. the additional energy saving control Ultraconomy rounds off the offering. The standard rage for dew points up to –40°C covers units from 375 m³/h to 13.600 m³/h. Larger capacities are available on request.