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Cartridge Filters

Whatever brand cartridge-style filter house you have, we have a filter for you. If you didn’t get Donaldson filters originally, try upgrading to Donaldson Spider-Web, our patented nanofiber media technology, for higher efficiency filtration and better turbine output, or Spider-Web XP for extra performance.

Filter Pairs for GDX & GDS-I Systems

Filter Pairs for GDX & GDS-I SystemsOne conical and one cylindrical for Donaldson GDX and GDS-1 Filtration Systems.

Cartridge Filters for Non-Donaldson Systems

Cartridge Filters for Non-Donaldson SystemsUpgrade to Donaldson Spider-Web for superior quality and performance with filters made to fit your Braden, Pneumafil Pneuma-Pulse (Twist-Lock) system, Farr Tenkay system, or AAF Pulstar unit.

Filters for GT’s in Oil & Gas Pipeline Installations

Filters for GT’s in Oil & Gas Pipeline InstallationsCartridge & panel filters for Solar, Rolls Royce & other turbines used in oil production & gas pipelines.

Cylindrical Cartridge Filters

Cylindrical Cartridge FiltersUsed in Donaldson TTD’s and other systems with cartridge filters.

Composite-Filters for LM6000’s

Composite-Filters for LM6000’sThe Donaldson CFS is a 2-stage air filter (inner wrap + final filter) used in the Donaldson Composite-Filter System. We also have pre-filters and hydraulic filters to keep your LM 6000 running a peak power.
Composite-Filter Benefits, GTS-703

Filter Media Makes the Difference!

Filter Media Makes the Difference!Take a closer look at the superior qualities of Donaldson filter media – especially our patented nanofiber technology, Spider-Web.
Donaldson Filter Media Choices, GTS-200
How Donaldson Spider-Web can save you money, GTS-507