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Ancillary Products

Donaldson® Torit® offers a variety of electrical components, fans, and rotary valves for use with our dust, fume, and mist collectors.

Delta P & Delta P Plus Controls

Delta P & Delta P Plus ControlsThe Donaldson Torit Delta P & Delta P Plus Controls are solid-state products providing pressure drop measurement, digital display, and pressure drop control with an alarm function. Designed to provide accurate and dependable control of a pulse-cleaning timer, starting and stopping the cleaning process at the limits you choose. The Delta P and Delta P Plus are available as standard equipment on the Downflo Oval, Downflo II, Downflo WorkStations, Dalamatic, Modular Baghouse, and Electrical Control Panels.

Torit Backward Inclined (TBI) Fans

Torit Backward Inclined (TBI) FansThe Donaldson Torit Backward Inclined Fan is an convenient and cost-effective way to integrate a high efficiency fan with a high quality dust collector. TBI fans are available in sizes ranging from 3HP to 30HP. The fan mounts directly to the clean air plenum of the dust collector, eliminating costly transition ducting.

Rotary Valves

Rotary ValvesIntegrate a Donaldson Torit rotary valve into your collector to create a complete system that automatically and continuously transfers dust from the hopper to the conveying system or collection container. Rotary valves are designed with a precision seal that keeps air out of the hopper and safeguards the performance of the collector. Donaldson Torit Rotary Valves are available in either AN, CI or F-Series.

IPC Controllers

IPC ControllersIntegrated Pulse Controllers (IPC) ensure that media is operated and maintained efficiently and effectively across the range of collectors. Engineered with microprocessor-based logic for reliability and EMC compliance, Donaldson offers three separate units, each uniquely engineered to allow all collectors to perform to 100% of their intended capacity regardless of the arduous nature of the application.

Slide Gates

Slide GatesSlide gates are an economical solution where the continuous dust discharges from a rotary valve is not required. Positioned between the collector and the dust collection container, these devices allow continuous collector operation during the removal and disposal of the collected dust.

Dustronix™ Control Assembly

Dustronix™ Control AssemblyThe Donaldson Torit Dustronix Control Assembly is a solid-state product providing pressure drop measurement, digital and analog display, and pressure drop control with an alarm function.

Torit Radial Blade (TRB) Fans

Torit Radial Blade (TRB) FansThe Donaldson Torit Radial Blade Fan is an economical, dependable radial fan. Its direct-drive design eliminates maintenance of fan bearings and belts. It is available from one to ten horsepower with 60 cycle NEMA or 50 cycle IEC, TEFC or explosion proof motors. The TRB is available as standard equipment on Downflo, Dryflo, HP, PJD and TD collectors.

Easy Duct™

Easy Duct™Donaldson Torit Easy Duct ductwork is designed to be used with dust collection systems. Easy Duct eliminates time-consuming operations like riveting, cutting, brazing, and welding for standard length piping. Easy Duct can be put together and taken apart with no special tools, saving ducting each time your floor plan changes. This unique design makes Easy Duct the perfect solution for your changing needs, whether it is new equipment or new production lines.

Fan Control Dampers

Fan Control DampersFan control damper is an essential component required to ensure optimum collection of the process dust. Placed into the ducting system or alternatively after the fan, it provides for accurate balancing of the system ensuring optimum collection, unit performance and media life. Easily adjustable, they will provide control over the installation for the lifetime of the process.